Fentanyl Addiction Signs

Fentanyl Addiction Signs

Prolonged intake of Fentanyl causes addiction. Physical and emotional dependence are the two clearest Fentanyl addiction signs. Additional signs might include craving for the drug, altering the prescribed dosage, and shopping for the same prescription from a number of doctors (doctor shopping). Tolerance to the drug can also occur immediately. Individuals taking Fentanyl are supposed to reduce the dose gradually.

Ceasing taking the prescription abruptly can result in withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are the main reason why many people keep postponing treatment for any kind of opiate addiction. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that may set in include a persistently running nose, muscle pains, sweaty skin, agitation, trembling, diarrhea, nausea, sleeplessness, general weakness and weariness, and headaches, among others.

In case you take Fentanyl, you may be able to identify signs of addiction easily. The most important thing that you should note is that you should be frank to yourself and your loved ones. You should note that addiction to Fentanyl is common because the substance is strongly addictive by itself. So you need not be ashamed of anything out there, provided that you are ready to face the situation with an open mind and ensure that you strive to get hold of the problem with the available resources.

Fentanyl Addiction Signs

If the amount that you formerly used does not produce the same feelings now as before, or you desire increasing the dosage in order to achieve the desired feelings, then beware that you are gradually developing bodily tolerance to the prescription. This condition is serious and should be given the attention that it deserves.

If you believe that you are using Fentanyl because you need it and that you cannot cease using the medication, you are becoming addicted. This is an indication that Fentanyl is starting to control your life and activities that you do. In case you feel concerned whenever your medication has not been refilled, even before you are through with the prescription that you are currently taking, know that Fentanyl is increasingly becoming excessively important to you.

Dependence to Fentanyl can be unavoidable for people who are taking the medication for the treatment of chronic pain. However, in case you do not require Fentanyl again for medical reasons, you should cease using it as soon as possible. Disregarding the situation can result in dire health effects, because with dependence your body desires more and more doses of the drug. This has, in many instances, lead individuals to commit criminal offences such as trying to purchase the drug from the street or looking for different prescriptions for the same condition from a number of health care providers.

Take notice of the signs of Fentanyl dependence that you may feel in your body. The signs that we have noted above can help you to know whether you are developing an addiction or not. If so, make sure that you contact your health care provider as soon as possible.